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Bio-electrical Grounding

Being grounded

"This is an approach to the chakra system transmitted personally to me by Osho. It is to assist one to be grounded and protected personally.

In these high tech times it is no wonder tensions run high. We are electrical by nature and therefore being grounded both psychologically, emotionally as well as physically is clearly essential.

Passing clear quartz crystal through the aura will make it possible to identify any chakra which is open and potentially dangerous to being leaked or sucked out.

All in all, in this era many people are using chemicals to treat disease and if their immune system is over loaded with toxins, then their Hara, the 2nd chakra can begin to leak.

This is devastating as the Hara is our immune system on one level and needs to be kept closed and protected from being sucked out or leaked. To feel your feet on the ground while dancing, enables one to fly high."


"Gravity will continue to pull us down unless we remember the way of a natural posture which is based in true electrical grounding through the bones. When we feel supported through our skeleton, our head rests on top of the body in a feeling of foundational support. This support is felt throughout all of the lower bodily blocks, the torso, pelvis, legs and feet. It now becomes possible to enhance our posture, once we have a firm foundation, feeling electrically grounded."

From the book Right sitting by Nirvata