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Heilung mit Kristallen

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an opportunity to allow natural healing to occur using heightened focused energy via quartz crystal. Thus to magnify the positive with the intent being the motivational force.

With clear quartz crystal carrying the rainbow colours, we can present a platform for natural healing to manifest on all levels and with all chakras. Learning what damages a chakra and applying crystal healing to heal that damage. Clear quartz crystal is a champion to provoke change and provide balance.


Using the rainbow colour vibration of clear quartz crystal to mark our personal territory and protect it energetically from trespass, is our birth right. To be able to psychologically "piss on trees" is an art we can learn from the animal kingdom.

Ausgleichen der Chakren

Double terminated clear quartz crystal placed between the chakras and turned either clockwise or anticlockwise can enable one's bio electricity to move upwards undisturbed. Blocks are removed and energy rushes. Balance is restored which is our natural state.


Just like in acupuncture when a meridian is not flowing correctly it must be released, purged, to achieve balance or abundance is provoked to attain harmony. Either sedation or stimulation is the need of that meridian. In the same way we learn how to stimulate and to sedate an area of the body, of the mind or of the emotions. By application of quartz crystal to the aura in a feathering approach, we can smooth out the individuals aura, like a bird will tether its feathers to merge them all together harmoniously. When the shoe fits you forget the foot.