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Breath Grounding Touch

Breath Release

To breathe deep and complete is only possible if we feel grounded bio-electrically.

Hence this weekend we will discover how to ground ourselves in preparation to open the respiratory system.

Massage and body work will be used to enhance the opening so we can breath at our optimum.

This era is time of holding the breath. We all hold our breath.

Learning to breath deep and even we charge our energy system with life force. This life force can then be directed into positive celebration, health, dancing, and joy.

Begin Saturday 9:00 am - End Sunday about 5:00 pm


"To rise high one must feel grounded and stable upon the earth, as with the trees they can only reach towards the stars because of their deep connected roots. We therefore are like trees with the full potential to flower, it all depends on us being grounded and rooted like the global forests."