Forestsuniversity - Nirvata Bodywork - Massage

Basic Massage Weekend

Massage Seminar

This basic massage weekend is an opportunity to experience hands on techniques. Nirvata will guide us in "seeing the body" exercises, this is recognising the areas which are contracted within the pull of gravity. He then will teach methods to release those unessential holding patterns, which come as a result of our poor posture and tensions, related to our profession, and past injuries etc.

As the body relaxes into a deeper level the consciousness will rise higher. Therefore this basic massage weekend will be an opportunity to discover, how to release the body from tensions in a systematic approach.Understanding why we contract within the pull of gravity sheds light on the approach we must make, in supporting the body to be grounded, feeling light and sensitive to change.

Systematic massage is a recipe for unlocking the negative holding patterns; we are subjected to from imitating our parents and peers in their unconscious habits. Gently massaging tensions away will give the body a chance to enter more into a vertical alignment within gravity; our breathing will deepen as a result. Playfully working to release tired muscles will open the breath, thus improving digestion and grounding the system.

We can then understand that having a creative posture will be a healthy guide towards a greater understanding of our everyday life. Massage opens the body to the potential to dance and celebrate.

Begin Saturday 9:00 am - End Sunday about 5:00 pm

It is very important when establishing a Sunrise Posture to have some bodywork or a massage session weekly, to support the changes that manifest. Chinese cupping also helps to break up structural congestion.
When we aspire to a new energized posture we soon become aware of the tensions still dominating us from our past defeated positions. These are structural holding patterns which are still being held within the body.
It is so important to lift ourselves up, as the collective habit dominating upon this planet is that of low vitality, and now has become predictability in movement all over the earth.