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Soft Tissue and Fascia Release

Fascia Release

First we must get a clear and precise picture of our physical position within the pull of gravity. If for example we sit like a banana then the soft tissues deep within the belly are contracted and held in. This holding pattern left unaddressed will pollute the posture, inhibiting the individual's capacity to breathe deep and even, and their digestion, assimilation and elimination are hampered.

We will learn via a body reading just how and where to release the body from these unconscious, habitual, holding patterns. There are specific points of tension which are still being held within the fascia, from our work or play and they need to be released in order for us to come back to a state of balance and harmony. These contracted tissues prevent our personal freedom, they are like nails of identification and sufferings which are blocking us and keeping us all short of our fullest potential.

These tensions which are being held within the connective tissues of the body/mind system become vulnerable to a sensitive loving touch. We work to support the body with soft tissue release methods, thus by allowing sensitive touch the body can open up and lengthen, and then we can follow that opening with awareness guiding our touch.

This is about working with the body as apposed to working upon the system only. With awareness and tuning into the person, and by asking them to breathe directly into open the area being worked upon. Then it is easy to comprehend the natural language of the body which is a fine balance between tension and release. We work to lengthen the contracted tissues, giving rise to an upright posture.

Unfortunately in this era we are subjected to global poverty in form of poor posture. This means the body settles down into a holding pattern which is visible to the session giver, these areas of holding are contracted in relation to one another. To give superficial massage, by only releasing the superficial layers for example, can feel pleasurable to begin with, but then a deeper tension can manifest, which the person has protected by way of armour. We set up the amour to protect us from all kinds of painful past episodes.

We must get a clear and accurate picture of how these tensions present themselves within our bodies, within gravity. This includes (body reading) and followed by changing the body's position through acupuncture manipulation of the soft tissues. Working with the connective tissue and the fascia requires a very sensitive and conscious touch, so the body can open up and invite the practitioner in.

This means we work with the whole body system rather than simply working on the body. We listen to the tissues as they open, and then we can give the release a direction to flow into. Through fascia release contracted and constricted areas that make up the body armor are softened and discharged. The body then shifts to a new position within gravity by its lengthening and expanding, moving more towards the upright.

This armor, serving as a protection from shock, trauma, as a protection against pain, etc, is dissolved bringing the body back into the present and into the vertical. A balance a "rebalancing" of all body parts is possible as soon as the shortened tissues are lengthened. The first step is to get a clear and accurate perception of the body's position being held within gravity followed by knowing in which order the tensions need to be released, to improve the integrity and grounding of the body/mind.

When given a chance the body will always take a position within gravity which is more functional, upright and lighter. This fascia body work is able to dissolve negative holding patterns which are the result of stress from the past. A new strength in the spine and deep grounded ness within the earth are the result.

Training content:

  • Body reading and comprehending its patterns of holding.
  • Understanding the relationships of the bodily parts to each other.
  • Working by creating slack, as apposed to stretching.
  • Approaching the patient slowly and gently.
  • Working with vibration and movement.
  • Integrating the work at the end of each treatment.
  • Preparation for spinal alignment.
  • Grounding exercises: Bioenergetics, Qigong and more
  • Integration of breathing.

"The body will always shift to a position within gravity which is balanced and functional if we give it a chance.
Then beauty arises from within and it overflows as an expression of our health and well being. This is sitting with the head over the pelvis."

Book "Richtig Sitzen" by Nirvata