Forestsuniversity - Nirvata Pulse Bodywork - Fresh Juice Seminar

Fresh Juice Seminar

The Fresh Juice process is based on the meditative use of the pulse beat. We all have at some time the feeling that we are getting old and our body and lower back feels weak and less flexible. Through Nirvata Pulse Bodywork positions it becomes possible to ignite a cool fire deep down in the lower torso, which will produce the feeling of strength within the lower back. The belly area is also relaxed during this process and deep seated tensions like anger, fear and anxiety are simply pulsed away.

Fresh Juice

This enables us to do some electrical rewiring to the motor nerves which governs and services the lower spine. These motor nerves get a shake up which results in the ability for us to move and act spontaneously. We enter into feeling sturdy again from the base of our spine upwards. Most people suffer from sexual conditioning, inhibitions and then the motor nerves become less active.

We work together to release old predictable patterns of movement and a new surge of energy is released, this is like tapping fresh juice. We become more vital and alive and celebrating which enhances our freedom on all levels.

Beginn Friday 3:00 pm
End Sunday 6:00 pm

6 three-hour sessions