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Ignition Group

The Ignition Group is an initiation into Nirvata Pulse Bodywork


The human body is serviced by bio electricity which runs along the bones. Commercial electricity runs along wires, not in the wire but just along the side of it. It uses the wire as a fellow traveller. In the same way that commercial electricity runs along wires, bio electricity runs along the bones. This makes it possible to literally plug into this bio electrical current flow by using sensitive touch based within the pulse beat.

By feeling the pulse beat in two places simultaneously one enters into a meditative experience, this has been referred to as the heart beat meditation. Building and generating a positive electrical current flow, for self healing.

Once you are in physical contact with the pulse beat you can work with it to produce extra bio-electricity. This overabundance of bio-electricity can then be directed towards tensions blocking our nervous system. Through a pulsing touch applied to specific points on the skeleton it becomes possible to generate more and more heat which will burn disease.

The Ignition Group is a step by step progression up the ladder of the charkas. We learn what damages each chakra and then we introduce to you a method of pulse body work to support the healing of the damage. When you touch another through the pulse beat you are touching their heart. This opens then the possibility of two hearts beating as one and healing happens naturally. Chakras are cleared and energy rushes.

Beginn Thursday 3:00 pm
End Sunday 6:00 pm

7 three-hour sessions

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