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Lightning Bowls

In these events we focus on understanding and maintaining the feminine electricity. The reproductive system is very receptive to a loving pulsing touch. The ovaries can accumulate tensions and this often results in pain especially around the time of the period. We have many enjoyable pulsing methods for bringing heat and warming the belly area and producing a deep feeling of well being in the lower back.

The ovaries once they are released from painful periods, one can simply pass menstruation with a smile instead of a headache. To truly understand and maintain your bio-electricity it is important to change one's behaviour from being too speedy in life, to learning to go much slower.

Especially so that we can feel our trust flowing again, and then the heart can beat in tune with our actions. Women have been held in suffering long enough, and it is now time that we accept this and release our need to be needed. So that all women can celebrate their femininity instead of using suffering to get attention. The feminine beauty shines from within as the ovaries begin to dance.

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