Forestsuniversity - Nirvata Pulse Bodywork - Intensives I - III

Nirvata Pulse Bodywork - Intensives 1 - 2 - 3

Sunrise Posture

Part 1: From I to Me: Masculine tuning

Part 2: From Me to This: Feminine tuning

Part 3: This is it! Conscious tuning

Each part is 24 days.

These intensives are a tuning into and a tuning of your internal organs. It is an intensive process devoting one day per organ. Hence over 24 days we touch each organ with sound vibration. We use colour to ignite sensitivity towards the organ's internal/external manifestations. Physical touch through the pulse beat to the body of the organ, and clear sight to penetrate layers of conditioning. Sound, colour, touch and theatre are the four pillars of these OTPH intensive processes.

Each internal organ has its own unique sound vibration which it responds to. Each organ is sensitive to colour and a pulsing touch. To bring all 24 internal organs into clear and precise harmony with each other, and the spine, is the true meaning of our being organised!

Part 1 begins with the tuning of the internal organs in a masculine approach. This is the active part of our nature; we tune the organs just like a mechanic will tune our car in the auto shop, to make it run smoothly and cost effective. Part 1 is to uncover and discover the moods of the internal organs when they are in a masculine expression. Purging the negative past our strength guides the way within our internal perception. We begin to act rather than react.

Part 2 is tuning our internal organs in a feminine expression; this is the receptive aspect of our being. This is allowing sensitivity towards signals coming from our internal organic perception, and allowing the expression to be slow, meditative and graceful. Just like a car which is finely tuned to go forward in part 1 is an expression of strength and integrity, in part 2 we discover the radiance of the car when it is in the neutral position not going anywhere, just being here now, overflowing and full of potential. The receptive aspect of our nature is nurtured and realised. Magnetic repressions are purged and released and replaced with joy.

Part 3 of the intensive tuning of our internal organs is allowing harmony and balance to produce a higher living, based in the merging of the yin and yang. This is an opportunity to use OTPH bodywork to release the holding patterns which keep us all short of our fullest potential. Thus, this is an intense enquiry to understand and celebrate the organic external behaviour, expressed by internal organs, once they are purged of their negative past effect. We all rise out of our past conditioning and robot like reactions and celebrate our life as conscious independent, individuals.

From I to me, and from me to this, this is just the beginning. As with awareness one comes to understand, that the pulse beat never stops. Even when death comes the pulse never stops, it is eternal. Therefore to maintain equilibrium once it is achieved is the delight of our personal meditation, one is simply grateful to that which is. This is it!

"Simply put your hands on the place where the pain is and feel for a pulse beat. Close your eyes, and inside with your voice, touch the place where it is pulsing. Every time you touch it with your voice, you stimulate it. An electrical flow starts to pass through the area. You are giving it a little more juice, a little more energy, and that is the help it needs. You can do this wherever the pain is in the body."

Article "Healing Sounds" by Nirvata